The Emerging DeFi Valuenet & Wallstreet API

The Emerging DeFi Valuenet & Wallstreet API


Outlier Ventures

In this video, Jamie Burke of Outlier Ventures talks with Maple of Mapleleaf Capital, who produces in-depth reports on DeFi. Mapleleaf latest report talked about the "valuenet" of DeFi, ETH-based DeFi, and Wallstreet API.

Other topics covered in this episode include:

– How cost of value-transfer can now be priced in open-market and its implication.
– The multi-chain future with respective actors.
– Prospective targets in this new valuenet primitive.
– DeFi primitive as a “wallstreet api”, and inevitable amalgamation.
– The interesting white-space: unsecured credit, stablecoin, insurance, middleware, aggregators.
– What the future could look like when #DeFi is built-to-maturity.

The video premiered on January 7, 2021.


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