PayPal’s Crypto Offer, BTC’s 13K Break, Bahama’s CBDC and 20 Crypto Jokes

We saw some major news this crypto week, as BTC broke USD 13,000, PayPal said it will offer buying, selling and holding crypto, and the Bahamas unveiled its Sand Dollar. Following its network update, monero reigned as the best performing coin in the top 15, while Phase 0 of ETH 2.0 might be coming in December and the deposit contract in just a few days. On the other hand, was down for a bit, and then we heard Filecoin miners went on strike, resulting in an early release of token rewards, but the founder called the news a nonsense. And BitMEX hastened its user verification program after securing over 50% of their trading volume in two months, while OKEx resumed P2P fiat trading for three fiat pairs.

Meanwhile, Kik’s proposed settlement with the SEC boosted KIN’s price. While some digital yuan users wanted more of the CBDC, others were less impressed, FinCEN slapped a bitcoin mixer founder with USD 60m fine, UK-based crypto firms stand at a ‘loaded gun’ point as the Brexit deadline is nearing, IMF seminar panellists said central banks are still more focused on the risks of CBDCs, three Japanese companies launched a real estate STO for Japan’s retail investors, and North Korean hackers are now possibly targeting Russian and other international defense companies. Meanwhile, Ripple has three favorite countries it could move to in case it leaves US, and Latvia police intercepted a gruesome kidnap, torture, and murder attempt on a crypto holder.

And now – a spectacle. Their majesties, crypto jokes.

In light of PayPal offering crypto.

Satoshi’s vision 😑 from r/CryptoCurrency


You can just hear the sound of the tables turning.

how it started how it’s going

— (@lightcoin) October 21, 2020


Following the latest BTC rally, here is a technical analysis on a potentially incoming bear.


— Crypto Rand (@crypto_rand) October 1, 2020


Brace yourselves.

It’s coming from r/CryptoCurrency


United they hodl.

Unity. from r/CryptoCurrency


Showed my wife this. She said: “pfft.”

I forgot who created this, but saw this again going through my meme collection

— Marty’s Owl – Floor Is Set!🦉 (@martys_owl) October 15, 2020


But in case somebody’s wondering what men want:

Men only want one thing and it’s absolutely auditable.

— 🏔Denver Bitcoin🏔 (@denverbitcoin) October 14, 2020


Well done, sir.


Ohhh, my!

Ohhh me from r/CryptoCurrency


Woooh, bitcoin got maaad! ‘Get off my lawn!’

Bitcoin The King showed up from r/Bitcoin


You see. It’s not easy being a modern 30-year-old.

The battles we face from r/CryptoCurrency


And this is probably what that 30yo above is so worried about.

After every dip from r/CryptoCurrency


A few minutes later.

Every HODLer when they woke up and checkt there portfolio: from r/Bitcoin


An insult. A spit. A slap.


Is this the reason bitcoin takes it personally?


That’s a lot of dropping poop.

Nature still healing.

— GiacomoZucco.identify().hodl() (@giacomozucco) October 20, 2020


A friend you see often, offering a shitcoin.

Hey, have you heard about that Token???? It’s awesome from r/CryptoCurrency


A friend you see rarely, offering a shitcoin.

Everytime from r/CryptoCurrency


They’ll get used to it in a week. Or lose their hair. Or both.


The theory of relativity.

Imagine the shitcoins you can have for $20 from r/CryptoCurrency


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