DOGETok Jumps, Playgrounds, Presidential Runs and 20 Crypto Jokes

This week in the Cryptosphere, BTC miners were not selling them coins, and Venezuelan military intercepted a truck full of mining rigs. Chainlink hit an all-time high, and Dogecoin soared as TikTokers attempted to pump it, with Justin Sun joining the scene too, followed by a few exchanges. Cardano entered a custody agreement with Coinbase, and its founder Charles Hoskinson raised the idea of a collaboration with Litecoin, while Terra revealed Anchor, governed by a newly formed organization, and the Cryptoverse went in an uproar after dozens of blockchain and crypto-related companies took millions from the government in payroll loans.

Meanwhile, the Bank of Lithuania opened a ‘playground’ for testing CBDCs, digital yuan is set for real-world ride while sharing pilot with the Apple-backed Didi, and Chinese authorities added “blockchain developer” to the official list of jobs. In the meantime, South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province is talking about launching a local stablecoin-powered universal basic income, and integrated hotels offered by Expedia. Then we learned that Centre froze an address holding USD 100,000 worth of the stablecoin, early Voice users are unimpressed with its design, and Russian investors in the failed Telegram token launch reported the British brokerage they said is withholding almost USD 1.5 million of their funds. Lastly, Brock Pierce announced his candidacy for President of the US.

And we announce 20 crypto jokes!

Morning, CT! Do you have a “Learn BTC” starter pack?

I wanna learn bitcoin from r/Bitcoin


So, what’s been happening this past week?

The state of things

— Rob “Crypto Bobby” Paone (@crypto_bobby) July 8, 2020


Funny because it’s true.

@molllliy @Target_Sir Hold on, hold on… it nuked to 9027… buy the dip!!

— Crypto_nick (@Nick_Cryptos)


Here’s another meme of the week.


— louis (@barneytheboi) July 8, 2020


OK, millenial!

These same kids in 60 years still waiting for $DOGE to moon

— Tommy (@tommy_ranger) July 8, 2020


The Doge Effect.

BREAKING: US Congress in talks to pass bill that would make selling $DOGE under $1 a federal crime

— Josh Rager 📈 (@Josh_Rager) July 8, 2020


Investing in the future.

Training my kids to shill my bags on tiktok.

— Altcoin Dad (@bitcoin_dad) July 9, 2020


‘Get ready, kiddo.’


Expectations vs reality – mining edition.


Try explaining mining to your parents ##bitcoin ##explainbitcoin ##btc ##bitcoinmining ##cryptomining ##minecaft ##fy ##fyp

♬ original sound – thewolfofbitcoins


Crypto fans at family gatherings.


Nobody could make this up.

Can’t make it up

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino) July 2, 2020


Hiding in plain sight.


Do we say that Bitcoin’s a life style?

Mr Bitcoin, from r/Bitcoin


Thinking on your feet is important in crypto.


DeFi can get a bit…weird.

I love DeFi but some DeFi projects be like

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino) July 7, 2020


So, listen, babe, it’s really simple!

Me explaining yield farming to my fiance

— Anthony Sassano | sassal.eth 👨🌾 (@sassal0x) June 20, 2020


No, hold both of my beers.


Remember people – jokes.

BCH and BSV explained in one gif.

— BTChap ☣️ (@BTChap) July 4, 2020


Here’s a game for you: guess who!


Here’s your weekend crypto anthem.


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