BTC Transfers, CBDC Airdrops, Regulatory Warnings and 20 Crypto Jokes

It was a fun crypto week. OKEx suspended withdrawals as they couldn’t get in touch with a private key holder. Also, somebody moved Satoshi era 1,000 bitcoin again, Marc van der Chijs told us that hodling bitcoin would’ve been a better strategy than trying to outperform it, Kraken researchers said that BTC finished its worst-performing month in September, and that higher returns and volatility could be expected in October, and it was debated whether Elon Musk’s Tesla Gigafactory 1 plant was fitted with a BTC ATM. Also, PwC said that the Americas are loosing their share in crypto M&A and fundraising, and that five blockchain use cases might boost global GDP by USD 1.76T, while Fidelity Digital Assets said that growing institutional investor base could increase BTC’s correlation with traditional assets. Also, the BTC in your “brainwallet” might be stolen in less than a second.

And more stuff happened in the Cryptoverse, as KBA asked the South Korean government to suspend crypto taxes until 2023, China started a digital yuan airdrop, and G7 is looking into CBDCs, reiterating that Libra can’t be launched until it’s regulated. Fundstrat Global Advisors warned that trading on offshore exchanges might become riskier, and General Counsel at Compound Finance warned that governments globally are looking to impose harsher restrictions on access to cryptoassets. The OECD wants its members to adopt crypto tax frameworks, and the Russian Central bank wants to cap bitcoin buying at USD 7,800 a year. Meanwhile, Kate Winslet joined the cast of OneCoin crypto scam movie, crypto cruise ship Satoshi might set sail soon from the Mediterranean, and a Russian firm is set to open a crypto mining “hotel”.

And here comes your weekly, special, crypto treat. Bon appétit!

Morning, CT! Which coin will drop tomorrow?

Morning fam, which coin will pump today?

— Blackbeard (@crypto_blkbeard) October 14, 2020


So it wouldn’t get stuck in your head all weekend.

Saylor trying to stop people from seeing this video

— Jim (@JimBTC) October 11, 2020


“Back in my day…”

— ⛏Crypto Chris Walken🥃 (@cryptochrisw) September 19, 2020


2020 in a tweet.

True story. China is literally airdropping digital currency into citizens’ digital wallets and there are still people out there that think crypto “isn’t a thing”.

— Travis Kling (@Travis_Kling) October 13, 2020


Now I’m curious what’s behind this other bitcoin… And then there’s BTC behind that too!


Something to look forward to.

Probably how it’s going to go down from r/CryptoCurrency


Explaining bitcoin to boomers.

How I picture myself talking about #bitcoin to boomers!

— Maciej Cepnik (@CepnikMaciej) October 6, 2020


Explaining bitcoin to Wall Street buddies.

Wall Street Buddy: “Tell me about crypto”

Me: “If you make ten bets and 9 go to $0 and 1 goes 100x, you’re up 10x. Oh and you don’t sleep”

— Tom Shaughnessy 🧛🏻 (@Shaughnessy119) October 9, 2020


When you want to tell others to shut up…


And when others want to say it to you.


It’s a tough wait.

Iron hands don’t sell. Dwight Schrute would never sell his bitcoin. from r/CryptoCurrency


It’s a fact of life: somebody’s always watching.

Everything’s looking good. from r/CryptoCurrency


For many of you wondering how DeFi work.

#DeFi on #Ethereum

— Dr. Julian Hosp (DFI = DeFi on Bitcoin!) (@julianhosp) October 13, 2020


Come back for a presentation on ‘What’s Next on the DeFi Table to Eat and Promptly Poop Out’.

state of DeFi, Oct 2020

“so much copy pasta i think i’m in italy”

thanks for coming to my TED talk

— Meltem Demirors (@Melt_Dem) October 6, 2020


When it happened so many times already, you should really expect it by now.

When your uniswap shitcoin pumped 10x and all of a sudden the team exit scams

— yTedd (@TeddyCleps) October 12, 2020


Speaking of DeFi:

When the yield dries up

— The Crypto Dog📈 (@TheCryptoDog) October 13, 2020



when you slide the leverage bar to 100x just to try it out

— Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist) October 13, 2020


A man on the run.

Arthur Hayes trying to escape from CFTC

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) October 1, 2020


Feeling the disturbance in the Force.


And your crypto movie of the week.

If blockchain was a city from r/CryptoCurrency


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